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     Down two games to one in the finals, and down to just four players in game four, The Dream Team rallied for an improbable two straight wins to dethrone the two-time Champion Feelin' a 3-Peat In Our Plums to stake claim to the 2014 H. Frank Carey Dodgeball Title.
    Sparking the rally was none other than Tournament MVP Gary Roes whose sliding hustle play inspired his 1992 Dream Team Teammates as they closed out a victory over what could possibly be the best former Champions the Tournament has ever seen.
     Congratulations to Gary Roes, James Carr, Joe Kessler, Nick Conte, Gino Scardino, Joe Marinello and Jawad Khalfan on an amazing accomplishment.

Winner-The Dream Team
MVP-Gary Roes
Best Team Name-Not In The Face
Weirdest Team Name-Balls of Kindness
Most Creative Team Name/Uniform-Come Get Some
Best Uniforms-The Dream Team
Most Enjoyable Performance-Jarrett "Sticky" Stiles Catching Everything and the Nick Bradica Amoeba Dance
Best Entrance-Schlegel's Angels
Best Use of a Prop-The Wolves of Wall Street Money Toss
Worst Uniforms-Commander Graham and the Tri-Athletes
Best Play of the Tournament-The Gallant Family Duel with Bryan beating Tommy.
Best Song-Jump Around
Best Game-Not In The Face vs Come Get Some
2014 Move Not Allowed EVER again...The Gary Roes Slip-N-Slide Out the Back Door.
Fan Favorites-Target Practice & Not In The Face
Biggest Upset-The Dream Team Over Feelin' a 3-Peat In Our Plums and Da Kingz Over Richy and the Katz
Thanks for Stopping By, See You Later-Richy and the Katz and Target Practice
Teams to Watch in 2015-Not In The Face & Come Get Some
Teams That SHOULD Watch in 2015 :)-Target Practice

Sweet 16 Round Elite 8 Round Semi-Finals Finals 3 out of 5 Semi-Finals Elite 8 Round Sweet 16 Round
1    Da Kingz Feelin' A 3-Peat In Our Plums 9
   Da Kingz  Feelin 3-Peat
2    Richy and the Katz     Flint Tropics 10
   Dream Team  Feelin 3-Peat  
3    Balls of Kindness         Come Get Some 11
    Dream Team      Not In The Face
4    The Dream Team       Not In The Face 12
 5    So You're Saying There's A Chance    Dream Team   Dodge or Die 13
      Feelin 3-Peat    
   Firmly Grasp It      Dodge or Die
      Firmly Grasp It         The Wolves of Wall Street 14
   Firmly Grasp It  Just Dodge It  
7      Target Practice      Just Dodge It 15
 Schlegels Angels  Just Dodge It  


8.Schlegel's Angels


 Commander Graham and the Tri-Athletes                


CHAMPION       3 Games to 2


Hedquist Predictions:
First Round Winners
Richy and the Katz NO
Dream Team YES
So You're Saying There's a Chance NO
Schlegal's Angels YES
Feelin' 3-Peat YES
Not in the Face YES
Dodge or Die YES
Just Dodge it YES
Second Winners
Dream Team YES
Schlegal's Angels NO
Feelin' a 3-Peat YES
Dodge or Die NO
Third Round Winners
Dream Team YES
Feelin' a 3-Peat YES
Feelin a 3-Peat NO
3 Games to 2


Feelin' a 3-Peat in My Plums

1 to 5

The Dream Team  WINNER

3 to 1

Schlegel's Angels

8 to 1

Not In The Face

10 to1

Come Get Some

10 to 1

So You're Saying There's a Chance?

20 to 1

Dodge or Die

30 to 1

Flint Tropics

35 to 1

Just Dodge It

45 to 1

Commander Graham and Tri-Athletes

50 to 1

Balls of Kindness

55 to 1

Richy and the Katz

65 to 1

Firmly Grasp It

75 to 1

The Wolves of Wall Street

250 to 1


500 to 1

Target Practice

750 to 1


1.     Vito Mangiaracina

2.     Tom Mangiaracina

3.     Kevin McComsey

4.     Ummer  Saleem

5.     Anthony Zotinis

6.     Tamim Rahman

7.     Oscar Doria

8.     Alt-Anthony Luca

Richy and the Katz

1.     Chris Heyer

2.     Richard Katz

3.     Chris Stevens

4.     James Molloy

5.     Anthony Keaveney

6.     Jack Esposito

7.     Conor Combs

Balls of Kindness

1.     Kyle Capoziello

2.     Angelo Cona

3.     Kevin Meaney

4.     Vin Lisi

5.     Matt Kurta

6.     Tim Cassese

7.     Anthony Bloore

 The Dream Team

1.     Nick Conte

2.     Joe Kessler

3.     James Carr

4.     Joe Marinello

5.     Gary Roes

6.     Jawad Khalfan

7.     Gino Scardino

So You’re Saying There’s a chance?

1.     Michael Catanese

2.     Joe Filardo

3.     TJ Toscano

4.     Sean Engle

5.     Dan Conte

6.     James O’Connell

7.     Pawel Koprowski

8.     Alt-Eddie Sweeney

Firmly Grasp It--(Sweet Victory-David Glen Eisley)

1.     Joey Aluzzo

2.     Nick Hanning

3.     Kyle Narciso

4.     Jarrett Stiles

5.     Jake Ciampa

6.     Robbie McCarthy

7.     Anthony Keaveney

 Target Practice

1.     Greg Scavelli

2.     Charlie Grippaldi

3.     Daniel Marini

4.     Roberto Passalacqua

5.     Liam O’Grady

6.     Nick Bradica

7.     Cesar Payano

Schlegel’s Angels

1.     Casey Kloepfer

2.     Nick Schlegal

3.     Chris Affrunti

4.     Tommy Mayer

5.     Mike DeLeo

6.     Frankie Licciardi

7.     Brett Campos

8.     Alt-Adrian Denner

Feelin’ a 3-Peat in Our Plums

1.     Andrew Ris

2.     Erick Vilchez

3.     Matt Robison

4.     Dylan DeMeo

5.     John Heyer

6.     Joe Valli

7.     Ryan Mehr

 Flint Tropics

1.     Jeff Castaneda

2.     Anthony Bonavita

3.     Eric Zacharias

4.     Tom Minenno

5.     Tom Sabatino

6.     Matt Saladino

7.     Mike Salter

Come Get Some

1.     Kyle Bourne

2.     Mike Castel

3.     Rob Kelly

4.     Tommy Gallant

5.     Joey Nicoletti

6.     Conor Colasurdo

7.     John Cimilluca

Not In the Face

1.     Zach Dente

2.     Joe Sciacca

3.     Mike Jones

4.     Jimmy McGowan

5.     Bryan Gallant

6.     Antonio Roselli

7.     Dom Scorcia

 Dodge or Die

1.     Tyler DeMeo

2.     Anthony Giacalone

3.     Zach Husenovic

4.     Matt Langstrand

5.     Marvin Rodriguez

6.     Mike Moriates

7.     John Vamvaketis

The Wolves of Wall Street

1.     Joe Acierno

2.     William McDonald

3.     Dan Guillaume

4.     Ardit Bufaj

5.     Jordan Alagna

6.     Mike Scudiero

7.     Mike Kohen

Picked Last

1.     Frankie De Lorenzo

2.     James Riepe

3.     Mike Dominguez

4.     Scott Kerner

5.     Scott Pitz

6.     Gabe Allejo

7.     Martin Golden

Commander Graham and the Tri-Athletes (Song-Straight Outta Compton by NWA)

1.     Aidan Graham

2.     Eric Martin

3.     Dom Munno

4.     Steven Mitchell

5.     Andreas Rodriguez

6.     Filipe David

7.     Alex Grein