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     In what can be politely described as a 'strategic' tournament, the Mr. Cellan inspired Are You Lifting? upstarts stocked with Sophomores grinded their way through five rounds to stake their claim to the H. Frank Carey 2012 Dodgeball Championship.
    These Super Sophs (Andrew Ris, Joe Valli, Matt Robison, Dylan DeMeo, Erick Vilchez & Ray Catapano) and one Senior (Vin Cali) powered their way to the top defeating favorites (Super Friends & Prestige Worldwide) and upstarts (Trending Topics & Flint Tropics) before closing the deal in five games with an exciting title win over Marvel Alliance who were represented by four of last year's Champion members.
     The opening Wild Card round was highlighted by the first of three wins by the Fab Frosh team Hit It and Quit It whose future as a title contender looks bright.  Meet the Browns brought some comedy as well as some loud vocal support from the crowd before bowing out gracefully.  Sponsored by Modells took the tournament to the corporate level for the first time in its eleven year existence.
     The Sweet 16 round, much like the Wild Card round, went as predicted with the exception of one giant dragon slay as Super Friends with Benefits, the pre-tournament favorite, went down in flames as an army of underdog supporters rejoiced as they fell to Are You Lifting? The round also saw a gutsy one armed Harry Smith will his Just Dew It squad to their final win as these contending hopefuls fell in part to the damaging injury. With many of the underdog hopefuls separated from the pack early, 40-1 Flint Tropics became a new fan favorite as they stymied Pac Men in the final Sweet 16 game.
     Heading to the Elite 8, Marvel Alliance put Just Dew It to bed painfully quick.  Hit It and Quit It quieted everybody's favorite talker Henry Bonilla :) and his 'Famous crew. Trending Topics fell to Are You Lifting and then immediately tweeted defeat before the Flint Tropics put the silencer on the Ron DMC Rock Box to round out the Final Four.
     In the Final Four Super Friends were missed so Marvel Alliance and Are You Lifting stretched their legs and muscled out two very game opponents in Hit It and Quit It and Flint Tropics who definitely will be teams to watch in the 2013 Tournament.
     And then...the Finals!, with Erick Vilchez destroying balls at an alarming rate as well as performing some acrobatic cartwheels.  Vinny Cali waving the flag like Mel Gibson in The Patriot.  Joe Valli, Matt Robison and Dylan DeMeo bringing fiery intensity.  Ray Catapano providing gentlemanly play and M.V.P. Andrew Ris acting as the consistent go-to-guy 'Lifting raced out to a 2-0 finals lead.  But to their credit, Marvel Alliance and last year's MVP David Cedeno as well as the indefatigable Sonny "The Hulk" Catanese and Mike Masci bullied their way through two straight wins to set up the do or die elimination finale for both teams.
    In that final game the tank was finally empty for Alliance as 'Lifting slowly but surely picked off most of the superheroes before Ris put the final nail in the coffin to provide Mr. Cellan with a chuckle and a championship sponsored boast as his 'Lifting proteges allowed him to finally put down his RED rollbook!!!  So let the bragging begin and thanks again to all of Carey student body for making Dodgeball a success!
******In closing, I must share this viewpoint without putting a damper on what has become the most fun day of the year, one that is greatly anticipated by students and teachers alike.  As an observer, credit goes out to all of the Dodgeball competitors who were more polished in their approach to the game than ever before.  Team strategies and philosophies were definitely evident as long hours of practice at Rath Park paid dividends for some teams as the desire for a student based Championship carries its weight in Gold.  However, as the teams progress so must the Dodgeball Committee who were overwhelmed with slow play and "If you're not cheating, you're not trying" :) mantras that in fairness made this tournament the most difficult ever to officiate.  Having said that the 2013 Tournament will have to take a serious look at adding Officials, consider going with an Orange Line Call, PERMANENTLY banning all players who curse aloud, slam walls and trash talk Etc., Penalize and Eject Cheaters that wait to be called out when they should do it VOLUNTARILY, and penalize those players who delay the action by holding the ball or letting it sit on the ground next to them for more than five seconds.  It is an unfair and extremely boring strategy that, I believe, will sap the energy and excitement out of the overall tournament if not addressed. 

Winner-Are You Lifting?
MVP-Andrew Ris
Best Team Name-Ron DMC and the Crew from Hollis, Meet the Browns and Are You Lifting?
Weirdest Team Name-Apostolis and the Spartans
Most Creative Team Name-Helen Keller's Last Words
Best Uniforms-Pac Men, Sponsored by Modells, Are You Lifting?
Worst Uniforms-Funky Fresh Boys Part Tres, Fresh N' Famous
Best Play of the Tournament-Are You Lifting? eliminating Super Friends with Benefits
Best Song-Run DMC's Rock Box
Best Entrance-Vin Cali's Flag Waving-Italian Pride
2012 Move Not Allowed EVER again...the Nick Bradica Head Slam
Best Prop-Nick Karamitsios' Robin Mask
Fan Favorites-Meet the Browns & Hit It and Quit It
Biggest Upset-Are You Lifting over Super Friends with  Benefits & Flint Tropics over Ron DMC and the Crew from Hollis
Thanks for Stopping By-Prestige Worldwide, Sponsored by Modells and D. Murphy and the Six Smurfs
Teams to Watch in 2012-Are You Lifting? Hit It and Quit It and Flint Tropics
Teams That SHOULD Watch in 2012-Meet the Browns, Captain Krunch and Pac Men
Other Thoughts-Special Thanks to Dan Fey for taking all the pictures, Sal "Taco Tuesday" Ciaccio for helping set up, Joe Babyer for guest DJ'ing and of course to Mrs. Angelillo, Mr. McLees, Mrs. Collins and Mr. Kenny for granting permission for the Tournament.  Also a tremendous thanks to Head Custodian Steve Vitale and the rest of the custodial staff for getting the gym ready in time after a dividing wall issue.
Best Moment of the Tournament-The 11th Consecutive Year Carey Students Showed How Awesome They Can Be By Behaving Perfectly!!!!!!!! Thanks from Mr. Hedquist.
Best of Luck SENIORS!!!!!!!

     At long last the 2012 Odds to Win are now available.  I can say that this year, like last year, there appears to be an NFL-like parity that has made picking the 'winner' a challenging task.  However, after much deliberation, and some calculated guessing, I feel that Super Friends with Benefits will prevail as the 2012 Champions based on their Senior experience and well balanced roster.  So good luck to them as I have now placed a huge bull's eye on the middle of their backs.  Still I believe they will have the intestinal fortitude to 'get it done!'
     With such a major logjam of solid talent in the South bracket, I believe some really talented teams will be headed to the exits much earlier than anticipated.  Teams like Are You Lifting, Prestige Worldwide, Ron DMC and even Super Friends if they get through their own bracket could make a run to glory but if they finished one and done I don't believe it would be a shock to anyone.  In the North bracket, with all due respect, I believe its a two horse race between Marvel Alliance and Just Dew It to see who will head to the finals where anything can happen.  I feel the other clubs in that bracket might get excited about a few wins before a dose of reality hits when they face one of the big boys.  As for the rest of the South bracket, I believe the only dark horse candidate that could sneak through is Trending Topics if the so called powerhouses in that bracket run out of gas but I wouldn't count on it.
     Like all sports fans I would enjoy seeing a longshot 'make some noise,' however as the head official I will NOT be swayed by crowd approval of the longshots.  So although it would fun to see Meet the Browns, and teams like them, advance in the tournament, I think they will be around only long enough for me to announce their names and complete half their team song! :)
     Lastly, for what has to be the 500th time, I want to thank all of you in advance for participating in the 11th Annual Dodgeball Tournament.  I want to thank you for assisting the baseball team in its fundraising ventures.  I want to wish all of the Seniors best of luck in the future, and of course remind you once again that I DON'T CARE WHO WINS AND THAT MYSELF AND MR. SOTO ARE PROBABLY GOING TO MISS SOME CALLS. WE ARE DOING OUR BEST AND WE ARE NOT CHEATING YOU!!!!! :)  Deal with it and overcome it if you are a true Dodgeball Champion.

Mr. Hedquist 2012 Predictions:

Final Record: 15-5

Correct Picks in YELLOW


Wild Card Round

Captain Planet and the Planeteers over Apostolis and the Spartans

Hit It and Quit over Captain Krunch

Trending Topics over Meet the Browns

Are You Lifting over Prestige Worldwide

Ron DMC and the Crew from Hollis over Sponsored by Modells


Sweet 16

Marvel Alliance over Dylan Murphy and the 6 Smurfs

Just Dew It over The Tool Shed

Fresh ‘N Famous over Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Hit It and Quit It over Funky Fresh Boys Part Tres

Trending Topics over Dirty Mike and the Boys

Super Friends with Benefits over Are You Lifting

Ron DMC and the Crew from Hollis over Helen Keller’s Last Words

Flint Tropics over Pac Men


Elite 8

Marvel Alliance over Just Dew It

Hit It and Quit It over Fresh ‘N Famous

Super Friends with Benefits over Trending Topics

Ron DMC and the Crew from Hollis over Flint Tropics


Final Four

Marvel Alliance over Hit It and Quit It

Super Friends with Benefits over Ron DMC and the Crew from Hollis


2012 Championship

Super Friends with Benefits over Marvel Alliance

3 Games to 1


Odds To Win

Super Friends with Benefits

3 to 1 or when DeSimone finally gets the cleat removed from his face!!

Marvel Alliance

4 to 1 or when Altun finally gets to class on time

Just Dew It

4 to 1 or when Harry leads the Pep Talk!

Are You Lifting?

7 to 1 or when Cellan finally stops twirling his whistle and puts down his Red attendance book

Prestige Worldwide

8 to 1 or when this team stops complaining about the bracket!

Ron DMC and the Crew from Hollis

10 to 1 or when the rest of Ron's team figures out where Hollis is!

Hit and Quit It

15 to 1 or when Colasurdo gets a shirt with sleeves

D. Murphy and the 6 Smurfs

25 to 1 or when D. Murphy ever stops talking!!!

Dirty Mike and the Boys

35 to 1 or when any member of this team reaches Age 13

The Tool Shed

35 to 1 or when the entire Lucito clan is actually on the team!

Trending Topics

35 to 1 or when Dan O'Connell doesn't wear a tank top!

Flint Tropics

40 to 1 or when Frank Sciacca doesn't change his team's name AGAIN!

Funky Fresh Boys Part Tres

50 to 1 or when Henry Bonilla actually beats Hedquist at Knockout!!

Fresh N' Famous

55 to 1 or when Zuvic isn't wearing his Ipod!

Sponsored by Modells

75 to 1 or when Modells actually pays for the team fee!

Helen Keller's Last Words

300 to 1 or when Stevie Wonder captains this team

Pac Men

350 to 1 or when they get a new name!

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

400 to 1 or when Martians enter the Dodgeball Tournament!

Apostolis and the Spartans

450 to 1 or if Zeus makes an appearance

Captain Krunch

500 to 1 or if the bird from Cocoa Puffs comes to life!

Meet the Browns

1000 to 1 or about the same chance of Sal Ciaccio turning down Taco Tuesday

Wild Card Round  Sweet 16 Elite 8 Final Four Championship
                        North 1. Marvel Alliance
    Marvel Alliance
2. D. Murphy & the 6 Smurfs  
 Marvel Alliance
3. Just Dew It    
    Just Dew It    
4.The Tool Shed  
 Marvel Alliance
5. Fresh 'N Famous    
     Fresh N' Famous    
Apostolis and the Spartans 6    Captain Planet &Planeteers      
Captain Planet & the Planeteers      
   Hit It and Quit It    
Captain Krunch 7    Hit It and Quit It    
Hit It and Quit It      Hit It and Quit It    
8. Funky Fresh Boys Part Tres  
                                    South 9. Dirty Mike and the Boys  Are You Lifting?
    Trending Topics  
Meet The Browns 10  Trending Topics    
Trending Topics    
   Are You Lifting?  
Prestige Worldwide 11   Are You Lifting?      
Are You Lifting?      Are You Lifting?      
12.Super Friends with Benefits    
 Are You Lifting?  
Ron DMC & the Crew from Hollis 13  Ron DMC & Hollis Crew  
Sponsored by Modells      Ron DMC and the Hollis Crew  
14. Helen Keller's Last Words    
  Flint Tropics  
15. Flint Tropics  
     Flint Tropics  
16. Pac Men



Just Dew It

  1. Eric Vaughan-Captain
  2. Mike Jarosch
  3. Dan Maloney
  4. Dan Sadlowski
  5. Brian Schelling
  6. Jesse Bordeman
  7. Harry Smith


Super Friends With Benefits

  1. Ed Eymold
  2. Joe Desimone
  3. Pete Nichols
  4. Nick Karamitsios
  5. Mike Mallick
  6. Steven Marino
  7. Andrew Gentile


Ron DMC and the Crew from Hollis

  1. Mike Fox
  2. Andre Ramos
  3. Mike Nieves
  4. Henry Salce
  5. Ron Blanc
  6. Chris DeAlmeida
  7. Tim Turcic


Marvel Alliance

  1. Sonny Catanese
  2. David Cedeno
  3. Rob Altun
  4. Mike Masci
  5. John Bruno
  6. Gianfranco Iacono
  7. Gabe Taveras


Prestige Worldwide

  1. Peter Conte
  2. Sal Ciaccio
  3. Nick Safuto
  4. Jesse Milonas
  5. Joey Torregrossa
  6. Chris Dente
  7. Nick Conte



Funky Fresh Boyz Part Tres

  1. Henry Bonilla
  2. Matt Forster
  3. Joe Imperio
  4. Tom Dente
  5. Joe LaRosa
  6. Kumal Jaffer
  7. Messiah West


D. Murph and the Six Smurfs

      1. Dylan Murphy

      2. Mike Schaaf

      3. Matt Jenik

      4. Pete DiGregorio

      5. Carl Ricaurte

      6. Fernando Mejia

      7. Rob Napolitano



The Tool Shed

  1. Matt Lucito
  2. Joe Lucito
  3. Anthony Lucito
  4. Tom Opitz
  5. Sean Dooley
  6. Tomm Bucci
  7. Kyle Dudine



  1. Gino Scardino
  2. Marvin Rodriguez
  3. Sal Oliver
  4. Tom Sabatino
  5. Eric Zacharias
  6. Anthony Bonavita
  7. Chris Affrunti


Meet the Browns

  1. Chris Thomas
  2. Jonathan Abey
  3. Zain Syed
  4. Sam Kurovila
  5. Qasim Khalid
  6. Mohammed Zubair
  7. Wilbur Lu
  8. Amar Raza


Apostolis and the Spartans

  1. Jarrett Stiles
  2. Joey Aluzzo
  3. Jake Ciampa
  4. Alex Schemmer
  5. Kyle Narciso
  6. Paul Langis
  7. Nick Hanning


Sponsored by Modells

  1. Joe Kessler
  2. Jawad Khalfan
  3. James Carr
  4. Joe Marinello
  5. Herbert Suarez-Torres
  6. Frankie Licciardi
  7. Adrian Denner
  8. Anthony Zotinis


Hit It and Quit It

  1. John Heyer
  2. Conor Colasurdo
  3. Chris Heyer
  4. Ryan Hensley
  5. Rob Kelly
  6. John Cimilluca
  7. Anthony Keaveney


Captain Krunch

  1. Liam O’Grady
  2. Greg Scavelli
  3. Charlie Grippaldi
  4. Dan Guillaume
  5. Scott Pitz
  6. Cesar Payano
  7. Nick Bradica


Dirty Mike and the Boys

  1. Luke Spano
  2. Tommy Gallant
  3. Kieran Murchie
  4. Bobby Marino
  5. Tommy Mayer
  6. Mike Castel
  7. Joe Nicoletti


Captain Planet and the Planeteers

  1. Danny Barbarito
  2. Matt O’Donoghue
  3. Chris Mroczko
  4. Carlos Beltran
  5. Brian Morgan
  6. Grant Kadell
  7. Mike Pierides


Are You Lifting?

  1. Andrew Ris
  2. Erick Vilchez
  3. Matt Robison
  4. Dylan DeMeo
  5. Vin Cali 
  6. Ray Catapano
  7. Joe Valli


Fresh N’ Famous

  1. Mike Occhinto
  2. Nick Zuvic
  3. Chris Marino
  4. Mike Vetere
  5. Steven Somma
  6. Ryan Loud
  7. Derek Morgan


Flint Tropics

  1. Frank Sciacca
  2. Niko Capoziello
  3. Joey Bitonti
  4. Darren Rodriguez
  5. James Harrison
  6. Mike Senese
  7. Kelvin Yam


Trending Topics

  1. Kenny Levandoski
  2. Shawn Mason
  3. Vinny Selvaggio
  4. Brandon Porcasi
  5. Chris Agugliaro
  6. Steven Miotto
  7. Sean Karl
  8. Dan O’Connell


Helen Keller’s Last Words

  1. Sergio Cardoso
  2. Jeff Samuel
  3. Jose Torres
  4. Tom Slattery
  5. Connor Roberts
  6. Matt Montes
  7. Niketos Janios