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     In what could easily be called the most wide open tournament in H. Frank Carey Dodgeball history, the Most Interesting Men in the World, led by MVP David Cedeno, defeated The Long Lost Sleeves of Anthony Romanello three games to one to earn bragging rights for the 2011 school year.
     Coming in at 7-1 odds, the 'Men' knocked off The Benchwarmers, John and the Biddie Beez, Licata and the 6 Boes and finally Long Sleeves as they took the hard road to the title.  No freebies here as David "Sun's Out Guns out" Cedeno, Sonny "Sinker Ball" Catanese, Ryan "Mr. DJ" Karl, Joe "Babs" Babyer, Mike "Red" Masci, Dan "A Lot 'O" Motto, Mike "Rockin'" Reister and Rob "Altunernate" Altun all contributed to a well balanced team victory. Congratulations...and thanks for spinning those tunes to keep the crowd interested!!!
     Now onto the good stuff...The One Day Tournament appeared to be a success and may be revisited next year.
Winner-The Most Interesting Men in the World
MVP-David Cedeno
Best Team Name-Lima's Landscaping
Worst Team Name-Stay Stealth,Licata and the 6 Boes
Most Creative Team Name-The Al Gore Man Bear Pigs
Best Uniforms-Rumplestromskins,The Most Interesting Men in the World, The Benchwarmers and Recess.
Worst Uniforms-Funky Fresh Boys Part Dos, Mysterious Swag
Best Play of the Tournament-Craig Samson's One against Five Pin Hit vs Noah's Ark.
Best Song-Theme to Rocky for The Long Lost Sleeves of Anthony Romanello
Best Entrance-The Frank Klimzack Flip
2012 Move Not Allowed EVER again...the Frank Klimzack Flip...Save it for Gymnastics Class!
Best Prop-Rob Zorn's Mustache! Licata and the 6 Boes-Italian Flag
Fan Favorites-Noah's Ark and Recess
Biggest Upset-Rumplestromskins over Revolution of Workouts,The Benchwarmers over Lima's Landscaping
Thanks for Stopping By-Recess, Gotta Catch 'Em All
Teams to Watch in 2012-The Other Guys,Noah's Ark and Stay Stealth
Teams That SHOULD Watch in 2012-Sheen's Squad, The Dominators---Just Kidding! :)
Best Moment of the Tournament-The 10th Consecutive Year Carey Students Showed How Awesome They Can Be By Behaving Perfectly!!!!!!!! Thanks from Mr. Hedquist. 
              Best of Luck SENIORS!!!!!!!

A Brief Important Statement from Mr. Hedquist:
      The ODDS to Win and the stories that accompany this Site are meant to entertain and stir up some fun interest in the Tournament.  For the 100th time I DO NOT CARE WHO WINS.  If you feel I am favoring certain teams then please do me a favor and DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS TOURNAMENT.   Once again if Dodgeball involved drawing portraits then I would pick seven art students as the 3 to 1 favorites, but since throwing and catching is kind of important then I might pick athletes who are good at that!!!!!!! :)

2011 Predictions:
Play-In Round
Revolution of Workouts over Funky Fresh Boys
Mysterious Swag over The Al Gore Man Bear Pigs
Friends with Benefits over Gotta Catch 'Em All
The Long Lost Sleeves of Anthony Romanello over Recess
Sheen's Squad over John and the Biddie Beez
Lima's Landscaping over The Benchwarmers
Sweet 16 Round
Hit the Target over Noah's Ark
Revolution of Workouts over Rumplestromskins
Stay Stealth over Mysterious Swag
Friends with Benefits over The Long Lost Sleeves of A.R.
The Scrubs over Sheen's Squad
The Most Interesting Men in World over Lima's Landscaping
The Other Guys over The Dominators
Licata and the 6 Boes over Rocket Power
Revolution of Workouts over Hit the Target
Friends with Benefits over Stay Stealth
The Most Interesting Men in the World over The Scrubs
Licata and the 6 Boes over The Other Guys
Final Four
Friends with Benefits over Revolution of Workouts
Licata and the 6 Boes over The Most Interesting Men in World
Friends with Benefits over Licata and the 6 Boes in (4 Games)
Final Hedquist Predictions: 10 Right 11 Wrong :(

In an attempt to make the Tournament as fair as possible. A Play-In Round has been added.  It would be extremely UNFAIR for a team from a six team bracket to be in the Finals with just two wins.  I am as always trying to give EVERY team a chance to play the same amount of games to Win the Championship.  However, with 22 teams some juggling was necessary.  Thank You for your understanding.
Mr. Hedquist

Welcome to Dodgeball 2011! This year's tournament will be the 10th Annual to see who will claim H. Frank Carey bragging rights for another year.  The current schedule has 22 teams vying for the Championship.  The Tournament will be held on Monday June 13th ONLY-from 3:15PM-7:15PM.

Now let's get down to business.  Under no circumstances can the following things happen:  1) No Inappropriate Team Names-If you are not sure then ask Mr. Farina or myself.  2) Do NOT wear your Dodgeball Gameday Uniform during the school day--All Headbands, Hats, Bandanas, Etc. will be confiscated and you will become a distraction to the educational process.  Worse off you will put this tournament in jeopardy of becoming extinct!  3) When you attend the two-day Tournament-Do NOT hang around or walk through the hallways-No getting books, or "I forgot something in my locker" nonsense.  When the entire crowd leaves after the tournament you should exit the building and head home.  4) No foul language or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated on the court or in the stands.  5)  Make sure you are attending all of your Review classes and extra study periods-budget your time properly.  If there is a conflict with the tournament make arrangements so you go to the review courses in the morning.
6) Use common sense-you represent Carey HS and yourself.  Behave, compete have fun but do the right thing (You all know what that is) and this tournament will continue in the future.  If not then we may go by way of the dinosaur-Please don't ruin a good thing.

Tournament Schedule:
Game 1 Funky Fresh Boys Part Dos vs Revolution of Workouts
Game 2 Mysterious Swag vs The Al Gore Man Bear Pigs
Game 3 Gotta catch 'Em All vs Friends with Benefits
Game 4 Recess vs the Long Lost Sleeves of Anthony Romanello
Game 5 Sheen's Squad vs John and the Biddie Beez
Game 6 The Benchwarmers vs Lima's Landscaping
Game 7 1 vs 2
Game 8 3 vs 4
Game 9 5 vs 6
Game 10 7 vs 8
Game 11 9 vs 10
Game 12 11 vs 12
Game 13 13 vs 14
Game 14 15 vs 16

1. Noah's Ark                 Noah's Ark
2. Hit the Target          Noah's Ark
3. Rumplestromskins    
4. Funky Fresh Boys Part Dos/Revolution of Workouts  The Long Lost Sleeves of Anthony Romanello
5. Mysterious Swag/The Al Gore Man Bear Pigs              Stay Stealth  
6. Stay Stealth    
   The Long Lost Sleeves of Anthony Romanello
7. Gotta Catch 'Em All/Friends with Benefits  
  The Long Lost Sleeves of Anthony Romanello
8. Recess/The Long Lost Sleeves of Anthony Romanello
9. The Scrubs    John and the Biddie Beez
10. Sheen's Squad/John and the Biddie Beez     The Most Interesting Men in the World
11.   The Benchwarmers/Lima's Landscaping    
   The Most Interesting Men in the World  
12.   The Most Interesting Men in the World  The Most Interesting Men in the World
13.  The Other Guys     The Other Guys  
14.  The Dominators    
   Licata and the 6 Boes
15.  Rocket Power  
    Licata and the 6 Boes
16. Licata and the 6 Boe's                 Championship-The Most Interesting Men in the World 3-1 over The Long Lost Sleeves of Anthony Romanello

Dodgeball 2011 Odds
Friends with Benefits  2 to 1
Licata and the 6 Boes  4 to 1
Revolution of Workouts  6 to 1
The Most Interesting Men in the World  7 to 1
Stay Stealth  7 to 1
Lima's Landscaping  7 to 1
Rocket Power  8 to 1
The Other Guys  8 to 1
The Long Lost Sleeves of Anthony Romanello  8 to 1
John and the Biddie Beez 25 to 1
The Benchwarmers 25 to 1
Mysterious Swag 25 to 1
The Scrubs 30 to 1
Sheen's Squad 30 to 1
Hit the Target 35 to 1
Funky Fresh Boys Part Dos 45 to 1
Noah's Ark 50 to 1
Rumplestromskins 75 to 1
The Dominators 250 to 1
Gotta Catch 'Em All 500 to 1


The Al Gore Man Bear Pigs

When Zep Dunks a Basketball

When Hedquist Gets Real Legs

Dodgeball 2011



Noah’s Ark

1. Mike Occhinto

2. Gianfranco Iacono

3. Steven Miotto

4. Chris Marino

5. Frank Sciacca

6. Mike Vetere

7. Noah Lerose


Hit the Target

  1. Dan Sadlowski
  2. Eric Vaughan
  3. Alex DeMartin
  4. Scott Liuzzo
  5. Mike Jarosch
  6. Brian Schelling
  7. Mike Dolinski



  1. Jon Kim
  2. Evan Grassi
  3. Nick Aglio
  4. Steven Milano
  5. Tom Spatarella
  6. John Incampo
  7. Grimm Ferry


Funky Fresh Boys Part Dos

  1. Henry Bonilla
  2. Sal Ciaccio
  3. Carl Ricaurte
  4. Joe Imperio
  5. Vinny Selvaggio
  6. Matt Forster
  7. James Harrison


Mysterious Swag

  1. Ehab Elshinawy
  2. Steven Somma
  3. Alain Cassagnol
  4. Ryan Loud
  5. Tom Dente
  6. Gino Scardino
  7. Jeff Saint Macary

Stay Stealth

  1. Danny Maloney
  2. Jesse Bordeman
  3. Harry Smith
  4. Adam Delgado
  5. Matt O’Donoghue
  6. Matt Lucito
  7. Mark Savinon


Gotta Catch ‘Em All

  1. Danny Barbarito
  2. Sean Karl
  3. Shawn Thomas
  4. Sean Dooley
  5. Matt Sperling
  6. Mike Pierides
  7. Kelvin Yam



  1. Ahmed Gachha
  2. Max Piciullo
  3. Chris Theodorou
  4. Joe Galgano
  5. Kent Ishimoto
  6. James klein
  7. John Thomas


The Scrubs

  1. Anthony Zotinis
  2. James Carr
  3. Matt Robison
  4. Joe Valli
  5. Phil Maresca
  6. Ray Catapano
  7. Joe Lucito


Sheen's Squad

  1. Matt Montes
  2. Chris DeAlmeida
  3. Sergio Cardoso
  4. Justin Poserio
  5. Mike Fox
  6. Brian Campbell
  7. Travis Draud
  8. Alternate-Dan O’Connell


The Benchwarmers

  1. Peter Conte
  2. Chris Dente
  3. Joey Torregrossa
  4. Peter DiGregorio
  5. Chris Agugliaro
  6. Dylan Murphy
  7. Nick Safuto


The Most Interesting Men in the World

  1. Joe Babyer
  2. Ryan Karl
  3. David Cedeno
  4. Mike Reister
  5. Sonny Catanese
  6. Mike Masci
  7. Dan Motto
  8. Alternate-Rob Altun


The Other Guys

  1. Erick Vilchez
  2. Andrew Ris
  3. Dylan DeMeo
  4. Joe Marinello
  5. Nick Conte
  6. Joe Kessler
  7. Joe Davide
  8. Alternate-Jawad Khalfan


The Dominators

  1. Dom Munno
  2. Tom Minenno
  3. Kevin McComsey
  4. Eric Zacharias
  5. Matt Saladino
  6. Maurizio Devita
  7. Jeff Castaneda
  8. Alternate-Kyle Narciso


The Whitespotted Paisans Who Couldn't Finish the Marathon

  1. Jack Young
  2. Tom Scott
  3. Robbie Miotto
  4. Anthony Zeppieri
  5. Jesse Montalto
  6. James Pangallo
  7. Nick Vilchez


The Scrubs who are in Big, Big Trouble because none of them Remain

  1. Anthony Licata
  2. Joe Cali
  3. Kyle DeMeo
  4. Giuliano Bove
  5. Tom Rydzewski
  6. Vinny Cali
  7. Andrew Gentile


Revolution of Workouts

  1. Kenny Levandoski
  2. Shawn Mason
  3. Justin Soebke
  4. Andre Ramos
  5. Brandon Porcasi
  6. Mike Schaaf
  7. Tom Opitz


John and the Biddie Beez

  1. John Bruno
  2. Darren Rodriguez
  3. Rob Napolitano
  4. Mike Senese
  5. Niko Capoziello
  6. Kyle Dudine
  7. Rosario Castellano


The Romo Empire

  1. Nick Romanello
  2. Charlie Bruno
  3. Drew Zahradka
  4. Kyle Zahradka
  5. Jake Robison
  6. Chris Samson
  7. Matt Oswald
  8. Angelo Dipasquale


Lima’s Landscaping

  1. Jon Fineo
  2. Rob Zorn
  3. Nick Riveros
  4. Gabriel Taveras
  5. Jon Andrade
  6. Vinny Maye


Friends with Benefits

  1. Ed Eymold
  2. Joe Desimone
  3. Peter Nicholls
  4. Steven Marino
  5. Jesse Milonas
  6. Mike Mallick
  7. Nick Karamitsios

The Al Gore Man Bear Pigs

    1. Carlos Romero

    2. Frank Klimzack

    3. Anthony Manako

    4. Anthony Corpion

    5. Greg Cortes

    6. Corey Coughlin

    7. Julien Valencia