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     First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the players and students for an incredible job.  The behavior, enthusiasm and school spirit was recognized by our Assistant Principals and greatly appreciated!!!
     As for the tournament, it was well played and very competitive but in the end it was all about Ball or Nothing as five of their seven team members, Andrew Ris, Matt Robison, Joe Valli, Dylan DeMeo and MVP Erick Vilchez, claimed their second title in as many years.  Joining in on the fun this year for them was James Harrison and Ryan Mehr.  Congrats again!
     The opening game saw the tuxedo clad B-Squad and Friends win the fans' hearts but not much else as they were dropped by I'll See You at the Greene Turtle, who if they are there can say hello to Ball or Nothing who will be enjoying a free meal :), in straight sets.  Marino's Italian Ices followed that sweep with their own over Bearforce1 who were easily the Belles of the Ball as they danced their way into Carey Dodgeball immortality. Game three saw our first upset as InstaFamous behind the triple play skills of Vinny Fortunato sent Jieran's Disciples back to the tennis courts to practice for next year.  The final West Bracket game included a dazzling Red Cape huddle by the Superfreaks and an ingenious Roid Rage lineup with Baseball names to boot...very clever!!!!!!!!  The 'freaks advanced in three.
     The East Bracket opened with a near Full Monty as the Caucasian Invasion stripped out of their nerd outfits and performed their own dazzling entrance.  Unfortunately, The Sweets weren't interested in their outfits as they pulled off the upset of the tournament as the Caucasians were shown the door.  The brilliantly dressed Dodgefathers were also given an unceremonious boot as Ron Burgundy's Channel 4 news Crew was the only show in this matchup.  Let's Get Surgical stayed home to watch Training Day but still advanced over Casper the Friendly Ghost's Team.  Wrapping up the final game of the Sweet 16 was Monstars and Ball or Nothing which was the game of the day as Monstars stole the first one only to see Ball or Nothing return with a vengeance in games two and three to escape the round.
     The Quarterfinals opened with a Marino's rout of the Greene Turtles.  That was followed by a Superfreaks, led by Jimmy T-Shirts, victory over InstaFamous to set up that matchup.  In the other bracket Ron Burgundy's knocked off the valiant Sweets as the clock struck midnight for the Cinderella Candy Crew.  Sensing relief at escaping Monstars, Ball or Nothing trounced Let's Get Surgical who patiently waited nearly three hours to play.
     Moving to the Semi-Finals Superfreaks kept their Rick James attitude jumping as they sent the Icemen packing.  The other Semi pitted Ron Burgundy and Ball or Nothing as these highly ranked teams did not disappoint as the right to move to the Finals was eventually won out by the resilient Ball or Nothing squad.
     So here it was Superfreaks as a mild 10 to 1 underdog trying to de-throne the Ball or Nothing 2 to 1ers.  By this time the Ball or Nothing had it at full throttle as they wrapped up the title in four games to scoop up a free dinner and some free T-Shirts.
    On behalf of the Baseball Club, Thanks to All who participated and have a great Summer!!

Winner-Ball Or Nothing
MVP-Erick Vilchez
Best Team Name-The Dodgefathers
Weirdest Team Name-Jieran's Disciples
Most Creative Team Name-Roid Rage
Best Uniforms-Roid Rage, B Squad and Friends
Most Enjoyable Performance-Bearforce1
Best Entrance-Caucasian Invasion and Ron Burgundy Channel 4 News Crew
Best Use of a Prop-Marino's Italian Ices Ice Tosses into Crowd andSuperfreaks Cape Huddle
Worst Uniforms-Greene Turtle
Best Play of the Tournament-Vinny Fortunato Triple Play-Two Hits and a Pin Shot
Best Song-Bearforce1 and Superfreak
Best Game-Monstars vs Ball or Nothing
2012 Move Not Allowed EVER again...Joe Alluzo Side Flip and Marino's Spilling Ices
Fan Favorites-Bearforce1, Roid Rage and The Sweets
Biggest Upset-The Sweets stunning Caucasian Invasion
Thanks for Stopping By, See You Later-Let's Get Surgical, B-Squad and Friends and The Dodgefathers
Teams to Watch in 2012-Ball or Nothing, Monstars, Superfreaks and Jieran's Disciples
Teams That SHOULD Watch in 2012 :)-B-Squad and Friends
Other Thoughts-Special Thanks to Dan Fey for taking all the pictures and Gianfranco for DJ'ing.  Also to Mrs. Angelillo, Mr. McLees, Ms. Flynn and Mr. Kenny for granting permission for the Tournament. Also a tremendous thanks to Head Custodian Steve Vitale and the rest of the custodial staff.
Best Moment of the Tournament-The 12th Consecutive Year Carey Students Showed How Awesome They Can Be By Behaving Perfectly!!!!!!!! Thanks from Mr. Hedquist.
Best of Luck SENIORS!!!!!!!

Opening Statement

Welcome to Dodgeball 2013! This year's tournament will be the 12th Annual to see who will claim H. Frank Carey bragging rights for another year. The Tournament will be held on Friday June 7th ONLY-from 3:15PM-7:15PM. (Approximately)
Now let's get down to business. Under no circumstances can the following things happen: 1) No Inappropriate Team Names-If you are not sure then ask Mr. Farina or myself. 2) Do NOT wear your Dodgeball Gameday Uniform during the school day--All Headbands, Hats, Bandanas, Etc. will be confiscated and you will become a distraction to the educational process. Worse off you will put this tournament in jeopardy of becoming extinct! 3) When you attend the Tournament-Do NOT hang around or walk through the hallways-No getting books, or "I forgot something in my locker" nonsense. When the entire crowd leaves after the tournament you should exit the building and head home. 4) No foul language or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated on the court or in the stands. 5) Make sure you are attending all of your Review classes and extra study periods-budget your time properly. If there is a conflict with the tournament make arrangements so you go to the review courses in the morning.
6) Use common sense-you represent Carey HS and yourself. Behave, compete have fun but do the right thing (You all know what that is) and this tournament will continue in the future. If not then we may go by way of the dinosaur-Please don't ruin a good thing.
7) And Most Importantly, The ODDS to Win and the stories that accompany this Site are meant to entertain and stir up some fun interest in the Tournament. For the 100th time I DO NOT CARE WHO WINS. If you feel I am favoring certain teams then please do me a favor and DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS TOURNAMENT. Once again if Dodgeball involved drawing portraits then I would pick seven art students as the 3 to 1 favorites, but since throwing and catching is kind of important then I might pick athletes who are good at that!!!!!!! :)

2013 Bracket

West Bracket                          East Bracket
1. B Squad and Friends 9. The Sweets
   Green Turtle    
2. I'll See You At The Greene Turtle       10. The Caucasian Invasion 
    Plus One
 Marino's  Ron Burgundy
3. Marino's Italian Ices     11. The Dodgefathers
   Marino's Ices   ____Ball or   Nothing    Ron B.
4. Bearforce1       12. Ron Burgundy's 
    Channel 4 News Crew
5. Insta Famous     13. BYE
   Insta Famous      Surgical  
6. Jieran's Disciples       14. Let's Get Surgical
 Superfreaks  Ball or Nothing
7. Roid Rage     15. Monstars
   Superfreaks      Ball or Nothing
8. Super Freaks   16. Ball or Nothing
                BALL OR NOTHING    
        2013 Champions

Odds to Win

* These Odds have been put in to drum up friendly banter between Dodgeball Contestants.  They do NOT represent gambling in any shape or form. 

2013 Teams

Odds To Win

The Chances of These Guys Winning It All Will Be When…

Ball or Nothing

2 to 1

Andrew Bends His Elbow!!!!

Jieran's Disciples

4 to 1

All of Their Players 6'4" and Taller Finally Dunk!!!!

Marino's Italian Ices

5 to 1

Sherm Becomes an Ice Flavor

Ron Burgundy's Channel 4 Crew News Crew

8 to 1

JB Finally Stops Cutting Class!!!!!


10 to 1

Kess Grows His Hair Long Again!

The Caucasian Invasion Plus One

15 to 1

Mess Wes Plays on the Pro Bowlers Tour!


20 to 1

John H. Learns What The Steal Sign Is!!

Insta Famous

30 to 1

Tommaso Cross Checks Zdeno Chara in the Back

Let's Get Surgical

70 to 1

Chris Plays Catch With Mr. Met

I'll See You At The Greene Turtle

75 to 1

Elvis Presley Not Aguilez Knocks Down a Pin During the Game 

B-Squad and Friends

150 to 1

Bad Brad' Doesn't Do a Ridiculous Amoeba Back Flip

The Dodgefathers

300 to 1

David-E Beats Jarret From The Subway Commercials in a 50 Yd Dash

The Sweets

500 to 1

Willy Wonka Invents a Candy Bar to Help These Guys Play Better!

Roid Rage

800 to 1

They Leave the Library and Find a Weight Room!


1.4 million to 1

The Actual Bear Force One Guys Come to Carey.

Sweet Sixteen Round
1. 'Greene Turtle' Over B-Squad
2. Marinos Italian Ices Over Bearforce1
3. Jieran's Disciples Over Insta Famous
4. Superfreaks Over Roid Rage
5. Caucasian Invasion Over The Sweets
6. Ron Burgundy Crew Over The Dodgefathers
7. Let's Get Surgical-Bye-Automatically Advance
8. Ball Or Nothing Over Monstars
Elite 8 Round
1. Marino's Italian Ices Over 'Greene Turtle'
2. Jieran's Disciples Over Superfreaks
3. Ron Burgundy Crew Over Caucasian Invasion
4. Ball or Nothing Over Let's Get Surgical
Final Four
1. Jieran's Disciples Over Marino's Italian Ices
2. Ball or Nothing Over Ron Burgundy Crew
2013 Championship Round
Ball or Nothing Sweeps 3-0 Over Jieran's Disciples
Predictions Wins 10 Losses 4


         B-Squad and Friends

      1. Greg Scavelli

      2. Liam O’Grady

      3. Nick Bradica

      4. Danny Marini

      5. Roberto Passalacqua

      6. Charlie Grippaldi

      7. Andres Rodriguez

      8. ALT-Alex Grein

        I'll See You At The Greene Turtle

      1. Cesar Ruiz

      2. Luis Payano

      3. Cesar Payano

      4. Mario Ramos

      5. Derek Morgan

     6. Elvis Aguilez

     7. Nick Grein


       Marino’s Italian Ices

  1. Chris Marino
  2. Mike Occhinto
  3. Mike Vetere
  4. Steven Somma
  5. Niko Capoziello
  6. Darren Rodriguez
  7. Ryan Loud
  8. ALT-Nick Zuvic


  1. Jonathan Abey
  2. Ivan Karlovic
  3. Daniel Barbarito
  4. Nico Ritirato
  5. Ryan Schumer
  6. Michael Acierno
  7. Jeremy Jacob
  8. ALT-Brian Morgan

        Insta Famous

  1. Tyler Weingarten
  2. Tommaso Bucci
  3. Mike Walker
  4. Nick Fasano
  5. Vinny Fortunato
  6. Taylor Kreinbihl
  7. Tom Sabatino

        Jieran’s Disciples

  1. Kieran Murchie
  2. Tommy Mayer
  3. Mike Dominguez
  4. James Riepe
  5. Pawel Koprowski
  6. Kyle Bourne
  7. Mike Catanese
  8. ALT-Jake Safuto

          Roid Rage

  1. Jack Talbot
  2. Dennis Palica
  3. Danny Keefe
  4. Nick Cerchiara
  5. Chris Mroczko
  6. Mike Campagna
  7. Jesse Opitz
  8. ALT-Mike Pierides


  1. Nick Conte
  2. Joe Kessler
  3. Joe Marinello
  4. James Carr
  5. Jawad Khalfan
  6. Gary Roes
  7. Gino Scardino

           The Sweets

  1. Jeff Castraneda
  2. Joey Fluzzo
  3. Rob McCarthy
  4. Sal Oliver
  5. Eric Zacharias
  6. Anthony Bonavita
  7. Mike Salter

The Caucasian Invasion Plus One

  1. Matt Lucito
  2. Anthony Lucito
  3. Joe Lucito
  4. Messiah West
  5. Frank Sciacca
  6. Tom Dente
  7. Sean Nagy

     The Dodgefathers

  1. Dom Munno
  2. Matt Saladino
  3. Anthony Zotinis
  4. Joe Davide
  5. Tom Minenno
  6. Jarrett Stiles
  7. Tom Mangiaracina

Ron Burgundy and the Channel 4 News Crew

  1. Steve Miotto
  2. Sean Karl
  3. Gianfranco Iacono
  4. John Bruno
  5. Mike Senese
  6. Kyle Dudine
  7. Sean Dooley

     Let’s Get Surgical

  1. Chris Stevens
  2. Connor Combs
  3. James Molloy
  4. Mike Castel
  5. Joe Nicoletti
  6. Kevin Meaney
  7. Dom Greco


  1. John Heyer
  2. Conor Colasurdo
  3. Chris Heyer
  4. John Cimilluca
  5. Tommy Gallant
  6. Rob Kelly
  7. Anthony Keaveney
    8. ALT-Ryan Hensley

     Ball or Nothing

    1. Andrew Ris

    2. Erick Vilchez

    3. Dylan DeMeo

    4. Mike DeLeo

    5. Joe Valli

    6. James Harrison

    7. Ryan Mehr

    8. ALT-Matt Robison