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2010 Best and Worst of…

Team Name-Seven Deadly Sins, The Homewreckers and Lima Landscaping

Worst Name-Off Constantly, Shadood’s Stanky Posse

Best Uniforms-Welcome to Sesame Street, The Sandlot, YMCA, Billy Mays’ Heroes and Nicktoons

Worst Uniforms-Kickin’ It Old School, Scrapyard Junkies and Goon Squad

Most Creative Uniforms-The Homewreckers and John Wall’s Finest

Best Dressed-Brian Lima and Joe “Elmo” Rando

Worst Dressed-Anybody with tight shorts on Kickin’ It Old School

Best Catch-Andre “Little Papi” Ramos between his knees

Best Game-Now You’re All In Big, Big Trouble vs Bernard Campbell and the Speaker City Boys

Best Showdown-Paul Collazo vs Craig Samson

Best Individual Effort-Carolina Ochoa, Sonny “Split Fingered Fastball” Catanese, Eddie Eymold and Andrew Gentile

Biggest Upset-The Jungle Cats in the Bathroom Over Giulian and the Six Paisans and Billy Mays over John Wall’s Finest

Best Props-Brian Lima and his Dora the Explorer sparkles

Best Song-YMCA

Fan Favorites-Any Team playing Giulian and the Six PaisansJ Paul Collazo, Blake Boerckel, and Andrew Gentile

Thanks for Stopping by Team-Shadood’s Stanky Posse

Teams to Watch in 2011-Now You’re All In Big, Big Trouble, The Jungle Cats in the Bathroom, Team Rawlings and Men on the Moon

Teams that SHOULD Watch in 2011-Off Constantly, Funky Fresh Boys

Most Fun Moment-Listening to the crowd explode during the Big, Big Trouble Blitzkrieg over Bernard Campbell.

Day 2 Recap
     In one of the most exciting tournaments ever Jack Young's well balanced Now You're All In Big, Big Trouble club had what it took as they defeated a very good Jungle Cats in the Bathroom team three games to one to stake their claim in H. Frank Carey High School immortality as they seized the 2010 Dodgeball Throne.
    Not to be outdone the Girls Champions cleverly named The Homewreckers also took home a piece of glory as they won two games to none in their championship round.
    As for the second round of games, the favorites, Kickin' It Old School and Bernard Campbell and the Speaker City Boys, picked up from where they left off in the first couple of games before all heck broke loose when Billy Mays' Heroes stunned John Wall's Finest to send the Carey gym into bedlam.  The pace became so quick for the Finest that they tried to slow the game down to a crawl's pace only to see an Orange Line call for only the second time in tournament history.  When it was done a tournament favorite was left title-less.  Game four saw a huge matchup between Now You're All In Big, Big Trouble and Oh Was That Yo' Girl surprisingly go two straight as an injured and Tiger Balm smelling 'Girl' squad never found their rhythm.     
    Moving to the North bracket David Cedeno and Harry Smith gave the fans their first taste of a one on one showdown before Smith's Cats prevailed in three games.  Next the flag waving Paisans took out the Scrapyard Junkies, who got a great effort from Blake Boerckel before getting swept.
    Moving to the quarterfinals, some early unsportsmanlike conducts broke the feel good rapport of the first couple of rounds as the intensity to win increased.  The Craig vs Greg showdown from Kickin' It Old School and Bernard Campbell and the Speaker City Boys highlighted the opening game of the Elite eight before the B.C's disposed of Old School in two.  Kickin' then got sent to the South bracket.  The next matchup saw the cinderella Billy Mays finally drop one as they lost to the hard charging Trouble team as all seven members of 'Trouble' contributed to the win.  Mays' also moved to the South losers bracket.
    Before that however, the Jungle Cats would first pull off the greatest upset of the tournament as they deported Giulian and his Six Paisans in three games as the pre-seeded number ones were sent packing despite getting some great play from Vin Cali and Kyle Demeo.  But the real highlight came in the third and deciding game when Nick Safuto dove to save a teammate and eliminate DeMeo on the same play.  It was the turning point for the Cats and ending point for the Paisans.  Kudos to Eddie Eymold for some ridiculous athleticism as well.
     Using their second chance the 400-1 Billy Mays' got back in the winner's circle as they nipped Kickin' It in the South Final to reach the final four.  On the East-West side Big, Big Trouble lost to the Speaker City Boys in game one as the signature moment came when Jake Robison whiffed on Lax teammate Kyle Petersen from just six feet away before Petersen returned volley with a game winner.  But instead of buckling under the pressure, the Big Trouble boys roared back in game two as Tom Scott, Rob Miotto and Anthony "The Shirt Ripper" Zeppieri each took down Speaker boys to even it at 1-1.  In the pivotal game three, the Senior laden Speaker Boys, still favored at that point, endured one of the worst Dodgeball Blitzkrieg's ever seen as Big, Big trouble sealed their fate with a 10 second five man knockout that had Carey High School's roof blowing its top.  Less than one minute later the dream officially ended for Bernard Campbell and friends despite a heroic effort by Greg D'Arienzo who returned from his Lax injury to give one more athletic performance.
    Having taken the scenic route the exhausted Billy Mays crew finally turned back into a pumpkin as the 'Cats' scratched them out in two to advance to the finals.
    Detouring from the boys run to glory, the girls teams first met for the title as Heather Jones' Seven Deadly Sins squared off vs Kelliann Dupignac's The Homewreckers as every Carey female student looked on proudly.  The 'Sins' appeared to have things under control as they had three players left to just the Homewreckers one.  But the Homewreckers one was Carolina Ochoa who smoothly battled and blocked before nailing the pin for a team release which the Homewreckers used to power their way to the title as they, along with MVP Ochoa, cast aside the 'Sins' in two games to win the Championship.
     Returning to the boys side, the revved up Big Trouble boys would make Billy Madison proud as they overwhelmed the Cats in four games to head to the Dodgeball Wall of Fame.  'Trouble' took games one and two rather easily before the Cats staved off elimination once only to see game four bring their run to an end while Now You're All in Big, Big Trouble headed to the winners circle to pick up their Championship T-Shirts as well as their Gift Certificate to Boulder Creek. 
     So congratulations to Tom Scott, aggressive throughout; Nick Vilchez, floppy hair and all who was a sideline sniper; Rob Miotto, whose athleticism never ceases to amaze; Jake Robison, whose great effort in game one vs Speaker City gave 'Trouble' the confidence they needed; Anthony Zeppieri, who despite his issues with cotton T-Shirts brought some fiery emotion; Drew Zahradka, whose rise to the Dodgeball pinnacle gave the Zahradka Family their third member with a Tournament Championship; and lastly to tournament MVP and team Captain Jack Young, whose quiet leadership was just the right mix for this well deserving team.  Congratulations again to all! 
     A huge thank you to Principal Angelillo, Assistant Principals Flynn, Kenny and Wright for permitting the tournament to take place.  And of course a big thumbs up to the Carey Student body who conducted themselves in  spectacular fashion over the two days of the tournament.  Have a great Summer!

Day 1 Recap
     In the I told you so category Mr. Hedquist accurately predicted a perfect 12-0 as his so named favorites cruised to first day victories.  There were some tense moments for a few teams but at the end of the day only the 10-1 Sandlot had left the buiding to minimal surprise.
    Vicious and Delicious defeated Off Constantly who did put up a good fight but after a great Dan O'Connell diving catch the momentum swung once and for all for Delicious.  Game two was all about the first of several mano y mano battles as Craig Samson bested Paul Collazo in three to help Kickin' It Old School advance over YMCA.  Next Welcome to Sesame Street with their colorful apparel turned aside the Just Average Guys Elevating Ranks.  The final game of the East bracket was the featured attraction as Bernard Campbell and the Speaker City Boys got a huge spark from their only underclassmen, Andrew Gentile to send The Sandlot back to the ball field in two straight.
     Moving to the West bracket One Black Sheep stole a game one victory before the Billy Mays Heroes (Also Our Outstanding DJ Crew) collected themselves and sent the sheep back out to the meadow.  Kentucky's own John Wall's Finest was on tap next and they didn't disappoint as they pummeled the Goon Squad in consecutive shutouts.  After some entertaining pre-show spectacle by Brian Lima of Lima's Landscaping, including some glitter and sparkle tossing, they were quickly sent packing by Now You're All in Big, Big Trouble of Billy Madison fame, concluding that bracket was Oh Was That Yo' Girl who managed to get by a Steven Matthew injury to silence an impressive Team Rawlings club.
     After a bit of floor cleaning, the final bracket, the North Bracket got underway with The Jungle Cats in the Bathroom getting a brief scare before rectifying the situation with two straight solid wins.  Next the Men on the Moon asserted their muscle as they sent Shadood's Stanky Posse into orbit in a two game whitewash.  Surviving a Barrucco face plant, the Scrapyard Junkies changed the channel on the well educated Nicktoons crew.  And in the finale, Giulian and the Six Paisans with their flag waving skills dropped the hammer on O'Doyle Rules despite a very good effort from Matt Lucito.
     Day 2 begins promptly as 3:10PM as both the Boys and Girls Champions will be crowned on Friday.  Good luck to the survivors and thank you to those who fell short and I hope you enjoyed the tournament.

Dodgeball Tournament
Thursday June 10th Round 1-Each Team Will Play Once
Friday June 11th Round 2-All Remaining Rounds, Girls and Boys Championship

     IF Dodgeball 2010 gets approved I anticipate our closest competition ever as nearly one third of the teams are 10 to 1 or better to grab the Title.  The 24 team lot will be separated into three even brackets of eight teams apiece.  For convenience sake I will call them the East, West and North Brackets.  Since the North Bracket will have less games needed to reach the final I have decided to provide a Loser's Bracket Playoff from the Losing Finalist in the East and West who will represent the South Bracket Championship. So for two teams out of 24 a second opportunity might present itself.
     This year's Dodgeball Tournament held on June 10th and June 11th is also a special fundraiser for the Carey Baseball Program and after another successful season we also want to say thank you for supporting us.
     Now let's get down to business.  Under no circumstances can the following things happen:  1) No Inappropriate Team Names-If you are not sure then ask Mr. Farina or myself.  2) Do NOT wear your Dodgeball Gameday Uniform during the school day--All Headbands, Hats, Bandanas, Etc. will be confiscated and you will become a distraction to the educational process.  Worse off you will put this tournament in jeopardy of becoming extinct!  3) When you attend the two-day Tournament-Do NOT hang around or walk through the hallways-No getting books, or "I forgot something in my locker" nonsense.  When the entire crowd leaves after the tournament you should exit the building and head home.  4) No foul language or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated on the court or in the stands.  5)  Make sure you are attending all of your Review classes and extra study periods-budget your time properly.  If there is a conflict with the tournament make arrangements so you go to the review courses in the morning.
6) Use common sense-you represent Carey HS and yourself.  Behave, compete have fun but do the right thing (You all know what that is) and this tournament will continue in the future.  If not then we may go by way of the dinosaur-Please don't ruin a good thing.
7) And Most Importantly, The ODDS to Win and the stories that accompany this Site are meant to entertain and stir up some fun interest in the Tournament.  For the 100th time I DO NOT CARE WHO WINS.  If you feel I am favoring certain teams then please do me a favor and DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS TOURNAMENT.   Once again if Dodgeball involved drawing portraits then I would pick seven art students as the 3 to 1 favorites, but since throwing and catching is kind of important then I might pick athletes who are good at that!!!!!!! :)

Carey Dodgeball 2010 ODDS TO WIN

Giulian and the Six Paisans

3 to 1

Bernard Campbell and the Speaker City Boys

4 to 1

John Wall's Finest

5 to 1

"Oh That Was Yo' Girl"

5 to 1

The Jungle Cats in the Bathroom

6 to 1

Now You're All in Big, Big Trouble

8 to 1

The Sandlot

10 to 1

Welcome to Sesame Street

20 to 1

The Scrapyard Junkies

45 to 1

Men on the Moon

50 to 1

Lima Landscaping, Part Dos

75 to 1

Vicious and Delicious

75 to 1

Just Average Guys Elevating Ranks

85 to 1

Shadood's Stanky Posse

85 to 1

Nick Tunes

90 to 1

Team Rawlings

110 to 1

Kickin' It Old School

125 to 1

O'Doyle Rules

250 to 1

Funky Fresh Boys

350 to 1

Billy Mays' Heroes

400 to 1

The One Black Sheep

500 to 1

Goon Squad

750 to 1


999 to 1

Off Constantly

When Trump Grows Real Hair


1.  Off Constantly Vicious and Delicious
2.  Vicious and Delicious   Kickin' It Old School
3.  Kickin' It Old School    
   Kickin' It Old School  
4.       YMCA   Bernard Campbell
5.  Welcome to Sesame Street Welcome to Sesame Street    
6.   Just Average Guys Elevating Ranks      
   Bernard Campbell  
7.   The Sandlot    
   Bernard Campbell and the Speaker City Boys  
8.   Bernard Campbell and the Speaker City Boys  
WEST BRACKET  Big Trouble  
9.   Billy Mays' Heroes Billy Mays' Heroes  
10.   The One Black Sheep   Billy Mays  
11.   Goon Squad      
   John Wall's Finest    
12.   John Wall's Finest    
13.   Now You're All in Big, Big Trouble Now You're All in Big, Big Trouble    Big Trouble  
14.   Lima Landscaping, Part Dos    
   Big Trouble
15.   Team Rawlings  
   "Oh That Was Yo Girl"
16.   "Oh That Was Yo' Girl"

17.   The Jungle Cats in the Bathroom The Jungle Cats in the Bathroom
18.   Funky Fresh Boys   Jungle Cats
19.   Shadood's Stanky Posse    
   Men on the Moon  
20.   Men on the Moon    Jungle Cats
21.   Nick Tunes The Scrapyard Junkies    
22.   The Scrapyard Junkies      
   Giulian and the Six Paisans  
23.   O'Doyle Rules    
   Giulian and the Six Paisan  Jungle Cats
24.   Giulian and the Six Paisans  
Kickin It Old School  
Loser of EAST FINAL  
   Billy Mays' Heroes    
Billy Mays

Mr. Hedquist 2010 Dodgeball Predictions


First Round



Vicious and Delicious Defeat Off Constantly-CORRECT

Kickin’ It Old School Defeat YMCA-CORRECT

Welcome To Sesame Street Defeat-CORRECT

Just Average Guys Elevating Ranks-CORRECT

Bernard Campbell and the Speaker City Boys Defeat The Sandlot-CORRECT



Billy Mays’ Heroes Defeat One Black Sheep-CORRECT

John Wall’s Finest Defeat Goon Squad-CORRECT

Now You’re All in Big, Big Trouble Defeat Lima Landscaping, Part Dos-CORRECT

Oh That Was Yo’ Girl Defeat Team Rawlings-CORRECT



The Jungle Cats in the Bathroom Defeat Funky Fresh Boys-CORRECT

Men on the Moon Defeat Shadood’s Stanky Posse-CORRECT

The Scrapyard Junkies Defeat Nick Tunes-CORRECT

Giulian and the Six Paisans Defeat O’Doyle Rules-CORRECT


Second Round



Kickin’ It Old School Defeat Vicious and Delicious-CORRECT

Bernard Campbell and the Speaker City Boys Defeat Welcome to Sesame Street-CORRECT



John Wall’s Finest Defeat Billy Mays’ Heroes-INCORRECT

Oh That Was Yo’ Girl Defeat Now You’re All In Big, Big Trouble-INCORRECT



The Jungle Cats in the Bathroom Defeat Men on the Moon-CORRECT

Giulian and the Six Paisans Defeat The Scrapyard Junkies-CORRECT


Third Round



Bernard Campbell and the Speaker City Boys Defeat Kickin’ It Old School-CORRECT

Kickin’ It Old School Relegated to SOUTH BRACKET FINAL



John Wall’s Finest Defeat Oh That Was Yo’ Girl-INCORRECT

Oh That Was Yo’ Girl Relegated to SOUTH BRACKET FINAL


Giulian and the Six Paisans Defeat The Jungle Cats in the Bathroom-INCORRECT 


Oh That Was Yo’ Girl Defeat Kickin’ It Old School-INCORRECT


Final Four

Bernard Campbell and the Speaker City Boys Defeat John Wall’s Finest-INCORRECT

Giulian and the Six Paisans Defeat Oh That Was Yo’ Girl-INCORRECT



Giulian and the Six Paisans Defeat Bernard Campbell and the Speaker City Boys 3 games to 1-INCORRECT



2010 Offical Rosters


Giuliano and the Six Paisans

1.      Anthony Licata

2.      Joe Cali

3.      Kyle Demeo

4.      Tom Rydzewski

5.      Giuliano Bove

6.      Nick Russo

7.      Vinny Cali


Bernard Campbell and the Speaker City Boys

1.      Kyle Petersen

2.      Al Gentile

3.      John Augello

4.      Terrance Murchie

5.      Jesse Montalto

6.      Andrew Gentile

7.      Greg D’Arienzo


John Wall’s Finest

1.      Chris Martelli

2.      Doug Wallick

3.      Mike Marino

4.      Joey Marino

5.      Steven Marino

6.      Scott Bradshaw

7.      Joe Champey

8.      Alt. Mike Lisi


Welcome to Sesame Street

1.      Pat Castel

2.      Steven Constant

3.      Chris Lean

4.      Mike Tripodi

5.      Justin Wizniewski

6.      Joe Rando

7.      Ryan Porcasi

8.   Chris D'Agostino

9.   Mike Zito


The Sandlot

1.      Russel Linder

2.      Mike Babich

3.      Dom Russo

4.      Nick Ferrara

5.      Matt Buchalski

6.      Dan McElhinney

7.      Anthony Logozzo

8.      Alt. Chris “Silver Fox” Theodorou

Oh Was That Yo’ Girl

1.      Kevin McKeown

2.      Oscar Rodriguez

3.      Vinny Scardino

4.      Ryan Surlis

5.      Glenn Affrunti

6.      Steven Matthew

7.      Laz Sepulveda

8.      Alt. Danny Villegas


The Scrapyard Junkies

1.      Blake Boerckel

2.      Andrew Manzo

3.      Anthony Barrucco

4.      Kevin McCarthy

5.      Yanni Sofilas

6.      Brandon Ayers

7.      Anthony Acierno


The Jungle Cats in the Bathroom

1.      Ed Eymold

2.      Joe Desimone

3.      Peter Nicholls

4.      Mike Mallick

5.      Harry Smith

6.      Nick Safuto

7.      Nick Karamitsios


Now You’re All in Big, Big Trouble

1.      Jack Young

2.      Rob Miotto

3.      Tom Scott

4.      Nick Vilchez

5.      Jake Robison

6.      Drew Zahradka

7.      Anthony Zeppieri


Lima Landscaping, Part Dos

1.      Brian Lima

2.      Jon Fineo

3.      Matt Oswald

4.      Vinny Maye

5.      Rob Zorn

6.      Ron Blanc

7.      Pat Amato

8.      Alt. Adam Delgado

Just Average Guys Elevating Ranks

  1. Iv Malka
  2. Frank Davi
  3. Justin Posada
  4. Peter Rosini
  5. John Gennosa
  6. Danny Mrakovic
  7. Bobby Levandoski


Shadood’s Stanky Posse

1.      Mike Benjamin

2.      Evan Jacaruso

3.      Janer Shadood

4.      Kenny Levandoski

5.      Tom Lannon

6.      Charlie Mule

7.      Luke Maccarone


Kickin’ It Old School

1.      Nick Romanello

2.      Peter Panopoulos

3.      Angelo DiPasquale

4.      Tom Walker

5.      Mike Dziubela

6.      Matt Monte

7.      Craig Samson


Vicious and Delicious

1.      Dan O’Connell

2.      Mike Fox

3.      Sal Ciaccio

4.      Andre Ramos

5.      Vin Selvaggio

6.      Sergio Cardosa

7.      John Ferina


Nick Tunes

1.      Matt Svoboda

2.      David Nieves

3.      Chris Nieves

4.      Savan Parker

5.      Sal Manzo

6.      Danny Pizzuto

7.      TJ Corcoran



Team Rawlings

1.      Nick Zuvic

2.      Rob Napolitano

3.      Darren Rodriguez

4.      Chris Marino

5.      Tom Dente

6.      Steven Miotto

7.      Chris Dente


The One Black Sheep

1.      Charles Saroniero

2.      Carlos Romero

3.      Dan Cusack

4.      Greg Ortiz

5.      Frank Klimczak

6.      Denis Aktas

7.      Coty Singleton


O’Doyle Rules

1.      Nick Fasano

2.      Sean Nagy

3.      Matt Jenik

4.      Matt Lucito

5.      Sean Karl

6.      Tim Turcic

7.      Scott Liuzzo


Goon Squad

1.      Noah LaRose

2.      Steven Somma

3.      Michael Occhuto

4.      Matt Walsh

5.      Marcos Jabbera

6.      Ehab Elshinawy

7.      Josh Lang


Funky Fresh Boys

1.      Henry Bonilla

2.      Matt Forster

3.      Carl Ricaurte

4.      Rob Annunziata

5.      Dylan Murphy

6.      Joe Imperio

7.      Fernando Mejia




1.      Anthony Anzalone

2.      James Klein

3.      Damien Fiorello

4.      Paul Collazo

5.      Frank Difiore

6.      Tom Morrison

7.      Kent Ishimoto


Men on the Moon

1.      David Cedeno

2.      Jesse Milonas

3.      Peter Conte

4.      Shawn Mason

5.      Dan Sadlowski

6.      Rob Altun

7.      Joey Torregrossa


Billy Mays’ Heroes

1.      Joe Babyer

2.      Andrew DiLeonardo

3.      Keith Dominguez

4.      Mike Reister

5.      Ryan Karl

6.      Mike Masci

7.      Sonny Catanese


Off Constantly

1.      John Bruno

2.      Gianfranco Iaconi

3.      Joey Bitonti

4.      Niko Capoziello

5.      Mike Senese

6.      Kyle Dudine

7.      Kelvin Yam